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Bye-bye fat - HELLO MUSCLE

"Lean muscle mass naturally decreases with age. If you don’t do anything to replace the muscle loss, it’ll be replaced with fat. Weight training can help you reverse the trend - AT ANY AGE."


Benefits of High Intensity Exercise
"High intensity exercise offers so much more than just improved physical performance. We are just beginning to scratch the surface of what is possible."


Benefits of High Intensity Exercise

about us

APPLIED IRON’s success is based on a proven, science-fueled protocol that has endured for more than 40 years, not bending to the latest and greatest fitness trends. We partner with our clients and give them a complete workout modified to each person’s individual needs and abilities.


Our boutique gym is filled with custom-made state-of-the-art equipment that is unique to the fitness industry. All equipment is able to be modified on the spot to conform perfectly to each client’s individual physique, ensuring maximum workout benefits in less time than typical routines performed at big box fitness centers.


Our space is designed to commit to our clients’ long-term health and fitness success. You won’t find blaring music, bright lights or complex cardio moves. Whether you’re just beginning a fitness regimen or looking to advance or change your current routine, APPLIED IRON has all your strength training needs in a clean, private, distratction-free facility. Our specially-trained, experienced personal trainers are experts who use research-based strength training methodology based on Dr. Doug McGuff’s renowned Body by Science teachings.


Our clients range between busy professionals, young adults, and active seniors of all fitness levels. A typical 30-minute or less session is encouraged 2 times per week, and includes 8-10 different weight resistance exercises of varying intensity on targeted equipment.


No more squeezing in the gym 4-5 times per week with minimal results. With consistent performance alongside the care and the positive support of our expert trainers, clients will benefit by gaining strength and adding muscle mass.


Our proven protocol achieves optimum results while eliminating time consuming work outs that produce little progress. Scientific research has proven committing to strength training practices employed by APPLIED IRON maximizes health and fitness benefits and encourages long term success.


Meet our trainers

Renee North
Head Trainer and General Manager

Renee’s passion for fitness and

healthy, strong living is evident

in not only her appearance, but

in how she motivates her clients

to achieve something better

than they have before. Renee is

an accomplished triathlete and

awarded competitor in the

figure, fitness and bodybuilding

circuit. Renee has been a personal trainer for over 14 years and she is currently pursuing a nutrition certification. She has trained clients in both Arizona and Illinois and everywhere she goes her passion to help others improve shows in her work ethic and positive infectious attitude.

Zach schwager
Personal Trainer

As an athlete with interests in football, basketball, baseball and soccer, Zach understands the importance of training, regimen and agility. A graduate of Western Illinois University in Macomb, Zach earned a degree in Exercise Science and describes himself as “a fitness fanatic.” He believes that training and conditioning should be an enjoyable experience that doesn’t become a chore. For this reason, Zach makes every effort to personalize all aspects of weekly work-out sessions. Training is different for every client - and weekly reviews help to determine the best path for reaching personal goals. Zach also underscores the importance of tracking progress because it can be very motivational. He points out that nutrition represents another area of importance since it goes hand-in-hand with regular training. He likes to promote balanced eating and nutrition to ensure a healthy lifestyle. 

ben wiley
Personal Trainer

Ben’s service as an officer in the United States Army Reserves translates into his desire to help others improve their day-to-day health, while pushing them to achieve beyond what they thought was possible. Ben received a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science at North Central College in Naperville while he competed on North Central’s football team. Combining the hard work ethic and passion required to be both a college athlete and an officer in the U.S. Army, Ben’s enthusiasm and dedication promote effective and consistent exercise routines that help clients achieve the healthy results they’ve been searching for.

natalie mccain

Personal Trainer

Natalie has had a passion for nutrition, health and fitness from a young age. She got her Bachelors in Science in Nutrition from Benedictine University. She’s a Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer and Natural Health Coach. She has a passion for helping others obtain optimal fitness and health. She loves the martial arts and has trained in Kosho Ryu Kempo, Chi Ling Pai Kung Fu and Muay Thai.

As Natalie said : "My goal is to motivate, encourage, and partner with people to achieve optimal health through nutrition, exercise and a holistic approach.

I love connecting with people, creating individualized eating plans and training them in the most effective exercise."



"I found Applied Iron four years ago and am so happy that I made the decision to join. The one-on-one training keeps you focused, and the trainers always encourage you to improve. Routines can be quickly changed based on individual needs, or on how you're feeling on any given day. The training has helped me to improve my core strength, which means no pain after a day of golf or working in the yard. Most importantly, my bone density test results have increased in each of the last 2 years. I am currently 65 years old, and am in the best condition of my life thanks to the dedication of the Applied Iron team of trainers."


building good health since 2015

"Applied Iron has helped me meet my goals to become more physically fit and increase my stamina. My strength coaches here are terrific!"


building good health since 2015

"The team at Applied Iron are the best in the business! The equipment is well maintained and the trainers are very knowledgeable. They know exactly how to train no matter your body type or fitness level. Since joining in 2013, my strength has increased substantially and my overall health and wellness has never been better!"


building good health since 2013

"I Like the fast paced strength training with emphasis on core building. The staff is challenging, professional, and understanding of my health goals."


building good health since 2013

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